Streets & Stormwater


Stormwater issues affect us all. Proper drainage and flood control seriously impact life in Central Florida. The Stormwater Division is responsible for maintaining proper drainage, flood control, water quality and waterfront improvement activity permitting. 

Stormwater Programs

Stormwater System Maintenance and Repair

This activity includes city owned stormwater ponds, pipes, storm drains, and underground retention systems.

Privately-Owned Stormwater System Inspection

In cases where the stormwater system has not been dedicated to the city for maintenance, it is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain the integrity of the system and to ensure functionality. Private stormwater systems are subject to annual inspections by city staff.

Storm Drain Stenciling for City Drainage Structures

The city uses a white and blue stencil: “No Dumping! Drains to Waterway.” If you see a storm drain missing a stencil, please call (407) 571-8607.

Provide Flood Information

The City of Altamonte Springs participates in the National Flood Insurance Program to offer residential and commercial property owners located in special flood hazard areas affordable flood insurance.

Street Sweeping

Provides for the cleaning of city streets to aid in eliminating debris and nutrients from entering our storm drains, lakes and rivers.

Watershed Management

Stormwater Division strives to protect and improve water quality and the environment by decreasing the amount of pollutants and sediments entering the hydrologic system. Through the following programs, this holistic approach expands our focus to include all impacts to water quality within the watershed:

  • Surface Water Quality and Watershed Atlas
  • Aquatic Plant Management
  • Waterfront Activity Permitting
  • NPDES Compliance
  • Illegal Dumping and Hazard Spills