Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a training program designed to promote a partnership between emergency services personnel and the people they serve. The goal is to train members of neighborhoods, community organizations or workplaces in basic emergency response skills. CERT members are then integrated into the emergency response capability in their area.

CERT training consists of eight three-hour modules. After completion of training members maintain and refine their skills by participating in exercises and activities. CERT academy graduates are also issued CERT equipment. Members can attend supplemental training opportunities offered by the Altamonte Springs Police Department and/or other local organizations to further their skills.

If a disastrous event overwhelms or delays the community’s professional first responders, CERT members can assist others by applying the basic response and organizational skills they learned during training. These skills can help sustain and save lives following a disaster until help arrives. CERT skills also apply to daily emergencies.

For more information on this free program or to participate in the next CERT academy, contact the Altamonte Springs COPS Center at (407) 571-8291.